Penguins Face Potential Departure of Sidney Crosby

PITTSBURGH – It’s been well noted time after time that Sidney Crosby would like to finish out the remainder of his Hall of Fame career with the Pittsburgh Penguins. According to Rob Rossi of the Athletic, Crosby won’t let the future of Jake Guentzel decide his future.

Crosby told Rossi that what happens between Guentzel and the Penguins is a stand-alone thing, and he’s not even worried about his contract extension, yet.

“Obviously, it’s a big decision for both sides,” Crosby said. “That’s something that’s out of my control. But I don’t think that affects how I view things.”

Despite the likely commitment to Pittsburgh, that hasn’t stopped outside analysts from weighing in on the situation. According to TSN’s Craig Button, anything is possible regarding Crosby and the future.

“I’m not suggesting Crosby should leave Pittsburgh or that he wants to leave Pittsburgh,” Button said. “But, a lot can change in just over a year from now.”

If a new contract isn’t signed this summer, Crosby will enter the final year of his deal with the Penguins. The team will likely miss the postseason for the second straight year, and with how committed Crosby is to winning, that might not sit well with him.

“Sidney Crosby is wired to win,” Button said. “When you look at this team… they have too few players doing too much and too many players doing far too little.”

Button noted that the Penguin’s core and goaltending have been great this season, but they’re getting no help, and that’s holding them back from winning. More importantly to Button, that’s holding Crosby back from competing for another Stanley Cup.

No matter what happens, it’s likely that Crosby will stick in Pittsburgh until the end of his career, but analysts and insiders will continue to harp on the idea that Crosby should look for greener pastures.

Button noted that some of hockey’s greats in recent memory have departed long-time teams, and Crosby could very well be next.

“Patrick Kane said he didn’t want to leave Chicago,” Button said. “Martin Brodeur didn’t want to leave the Devils. There’s a lot of precedent.”

Some all-time greats across all sports have left the team they are most known for playing with; it’s a common occurrence. That doesn’t mean Crosby will follow suit, however.

Crosby may not be focused on contract extensions at the moment, but he will likely get handed a new deal this upcoming July 1.

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