“Top 3 Kansas City Chiefs Players Whose Legacy Hinges on Winning the Super Bowl”

Behind an impressive defensive display, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday to secure their spot in yet another Super Bowl. The Chiefs are the modern day Patriots, though their fans don’t know it yet. To be another AFC rival in this Kansas City era is a tough draw.

Yet, facing the Chiefs will be the San Francisco 49ers, a true behemoth led by the ultimate underdog story. Brock Purdy wasn’t supposed to be here. A former Mr. Irrelevant, Purdy was lucky to latch on to the 49ers let alone start for them. Purdy has proven his NFL worth and then some. The last time the 49ers were here, Jimmy Garoppolo was their starting quarterback against this very same Chiefs team. Garoppolo fell short, and was never quite the same.

Perhaps this 49ers team is different, though they limped into a conference championship following narrow victories over the Packers and Lions. Kansas City ought to be favored, if we’ve learned anything by now. Should the Chiefs lose, at least these three players will sign elsewhere this offseason.

I have written about Toney — a player who didn’t even dress on Sunday — far too often for my liking the last few days. Toney called out the Chiefs for supposedly lying about his injury status the morning of the AFC Championship. Meanwhile, Kansas City’s greatest flaw was evidently giving Toney more time to spend with his newborn child. Andy Reid refuted Toney’s claim, which would be illegal per NFL rules.

“He’s been on the injury report,” Reid said Monday. “That part, that’s not made up by any means…He’s been working through some things, and you know, he’ll be back out there.”

Toney could still play in the Super Bowl, though he should expect a stern talking to from the coaching staff in the next few weeks. The Chiefs receiving corps is a notorious weakness, despite their performance in recent games. Kansas City needs to the depth almost as bad as Toney needs a Super Bowl victory to make fans and media alike forget about his antics last Sunday.

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