“Steve Young Explores Lamar Jackson’s Remarkable Play Despite Loss to Patrick Mahomes”

During the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, Lamar Jackson awed everyone when he threw a pass and then managed to catch it himself. While he may have lost to the Chiefs, this play stood out, for its improbability, and for the sheer athleticism of Lamar Jackson. While everyone can assume that it probably wasn’t on purpose, and just the need of the hour, legendary QB Steve Young had a different idea.

Steve Young re-tweeted Lamar’s throw and catch, stating, “Haters will say it wasn’t on purpose,” with a laughing emoji. Back in 1988, Young executed the same iconic play during a game against the Minnesota Vikings, displaying exceptional agility and evading tackles on his path to a touchdown. Hopefully, Jackson’s similar feat would also be considered among the best plays in the history of the league.

However, Lamar Jackson’s play did not help the Baltimore Ravens on their route to the Super Bowl despite his unparalleled athleticism. Lamar was even encouraged to change his position from a quarterback to a wide receiver in the NFL Combine as there were doubts surrounding his QB abilities. But boy, he proved them wrong.

Lamar’s pass on 2nd and 5 was batted away by safety Justin Reid, but that did not deter him from completing the play. His instant reflexes and determination made him chase down his own throw and catch the ball with first down and more. Talk about a season-defining highlight!

Unfortunately, Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens couldn’t continue their offensive magic against Kansas City. Their high-octane offense simply couldn’t get going despite their incredible regular-season performance. They could only manage 10 points against the Chiefs’ defense and coughed up three turnovers. The Ravens were averaging 33.9 points per game in a stretch of seven games before the AFC Championship showdown.

Fans Agree Lamar Jackson’s Play Was a “100% Intentional”

NFL fans had a field day with hilarious reactions to the comparison between Steve Young and Lamar Jackson’s plays. One fan went ahead to draw parallels to NBA legend Vince Carter’s iconic move. Back when he played the ball off the backboard and dunked his own pass. He poked fun by saying Steve and Lamar’s plays were just as intentional.

Another expressed nostalgia, stating they would always miss watching Steve Young play. The sentiment was echoed by others, acknowledging Young’s unique ability to see and execute plays beyond conventional understanding. Many fans showered praises for the Ravens quarterback following his play.

The Ravens would aim to gear up the offense next season, with a renewed focus on consistency and improved second-half performances. They could target adding another pass-catcher to their current offensive arsenal which would help Zay Flowers and Mark Andrews. Lamar Jackson’s lightning-quick running ability will also factor in as it unlocks a whole new level for their offense.

Although Batlimore’s defense is known for its dominance, they would have to address some vulnerabilities on defense, particularly the run game. They have allowed a whopping 4.3 yards per carry. Moreover, the Ravens should be prioritizing their front seven strength and refine coverage schemes. With these strategic enhancements, the Ravens are poised to reclaim their dominance on both sides of the ball.

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