NEWS NOW: Lions supporters face their worst fears as Commanders set sights on raiding their talent pool out west”

This is why you can’t fiddle-fart around, man. Just win the damn game, man! I nearly pulled all of my beautifully, long blonde locks out of my head on Sunday night. I saw the Detroit Lions do their best imitation of my Atlanta Falcons. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I suppose. Regardless, the Lions lived and inevitably died by going for it on fourth down. Dan Campbell owes us an explanation.

I have not seen a team finesse its way into a Super Bowl like the San Francisco 49ers have in quite some time because Campbell flat-out refused to take points when the opportunities arose. I know Eddie Murray had a rough time kicking the ball vs. San Francisco some four decades ago in a similar-enough spot, but that was four decades. This was America’s Team, man! Campbell frickin’ blew it…

Oh, the Lions will be back, right? Well, nothing in life is guaranteed. There is always a team that suffers from the proverbial Super Bowl hangover. That was the Philadelphia Eagles this past season, and the Lions did not even get that far this January. While I love the roster general manager Brad Holmes has assembled, the coaching staff is about to take a huge hit or two. Is Campbell even prepared for this?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Tuesday morning that Washington Commanders officials are going to be in Detroit to speak with the Lions’ two star coordinators for their head-coaching position. Offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is the presumptive favorite to get the job, while defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn has been a contender for a handful of similar jobs across the entire league.

Detroit is not likely to lose both but could, as the Seattle Seahawks also have an opening to be filled.

With Johnson almost certainly out of the building, what will become of Jared Goff in a contract year?

I have seen this happen time and time again. Either a defensive-minded head coach or a CEO-type like Campbell has a hotshot offensive coordinator working for him. Two of the best examples of this in NFC history are Brian Billick on Dennis Green’s 1998 Minnesota Vikings staff and Kyle Shanahan on Dan Quinn’s 2016 Atlanta Falcons staff. Both offensive coordinators left after horrific playoff losses.

Minnesota was the No. 1 seed at 15-1, but fell at home to Dan Reeves’ Dirty Birds, thanks to a fourth-quarter collapse and a missed kick off the boot of Gary Anderson that will live infamy. Atlanta got to the Super Bowl in 2016, but blew a 28-3 lead in the third quarter to the New England Patriots in Houston. While Minnesota and Atlanta were fine the following seasons, they were not the same team.

I cannot emphasize enough how critical losing Johnson will be for the Lions, and I am bullish on Detroit’s quarterbacks coach in Jacksonville Jaguars legend Mark Brunell. My best guess is he will be promoted from within to offensive coordiantor. Maybe he can help Goff get the most out of his talent again in a contract year. However, losing Glenn would be another net-negative for the Lions’ culture.

Glenn had been Campbell’s right-hand man ever since coming over from New Orleans. For Campbell to establish a winning brand of football in Detroit out of the ashes of whatever the hell Matt Patricia did for three years, he needed immediate buy-in from his guys. Glenn has been maligned at times as a defensive coordinator, but Detroit’s willingness to compete is a direct reflection of him as a leader.

Ultimately, this is why you have to take advantage of the situation you are in. At times, the 49ers have looked like the best team in football, but that has not been the case in the last few weeks. Their two playoff wins have been by the skin of their teeth, at home. Detroit was playing the best football of any team in its conference, but hubris got in the way of common sense. Machismo works until it doesn’t.

It would make all the sense in the world for Johnson or Glenn to take the Washington job if offered.

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