INJURY NEWS: Andy Reid Firmly Denies Chiefs’ Key Player’s Injury Allegations

Andy Reid just got his team to another Super Bowl but preparing for the San Francisco 49ers isn’t the biggest pain in his behind right now. Kadarius Toney is.

The Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver was already in the dog house because of costly drops and boneheaded penalties. Then he went and opened his trap on Instagram Live over the weekend, essentially claiming the team was lying about his injury designation for the AFC Championship Game.

Toney was listed as “out” with hip and ankle injuries as well as a personal matter which was revealed to be the birth of his child. But during an expletive-filled rant, he claimed, “I’m not hurt,” and joked about being in a body cast at this point with all the injuries he’s been listed with.

That’s a problem because the Chiefs would be in big trouble with the NFL if they actually lied about a player’s injury status. So now it’s Reid’s problem to address.

— Sports Radio 810 WHB (@SportsRadio810) January 29, 2024

“He’s been on the injury report, that part is not made up by any means,” Reid said. “He’s been working through some things and he’ll be back out there.”

At this point, the idea of the Chiefs letting Toney suit up for the Super Bowl is laughable. If he’s healthy enough to play, he should be a healthy scratch considering his conduct detrimental to the team on and off the field. It was bad enough when he was dropping passes and ruining one of the greatest potentially-game-winning plays in NFL regular-season history with an amateurish penalty. Then he had the audacity to openly challenge his team’s injury report.

Toney isn’t worth these distractions. He’s certainly not worth getting fined over a false injury report when legitimate personal reasons were also listed.

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