Steve Kerr’s Remarks Suggest Reluctance Towards Warriors’ Trade Deals

Even with the Warriors struggling and the franchise aiming to keep Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, it seems like head coach Steve Kerr is not even expecting any other veterans to be traded. Appearing on Willard and Dibs, which runs from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. during weekdays on the 95.7 The Game, Steve Kerr said that the franchise is “not going to find better players in a trade”.

He continued by saying that the franchise is extremely unlikely to find an upgrade in talent that is better than the potential injury returns of Gary Payton Jr and Chris Paul. Golden State is in serious danger of not making the playoffs if they are unable to get an upgrade in talent. The squad is currently the No. 12 seed in the Western Conference and it could be hard for them to get above the Rockets if they don’t change something.

Even though Kerr doesn’t want an upgrade, the franchise probably needs to make a major move or two to give Stephen Curry a serious chance at winning another title before the guard hangs it up in the next half-decade. With that in mind, is Kerr right in saying that Golden State is best suited not making moves now?

To be quite honest, the Warriors will most likely need to acquire an All-NBA veteran to have a chance to win another title with Curry. These players are not currently available but some of them are likely to request trades in the offseason. With that in mind, Kerr is probably right in not wanting upgrades right now. This is unless the squad can make a one-on-one deal like they have with struggling veteran Andrew Wiggins.

Still, Golden State should look to make a move or two that allows the franchise to compete next season and for the foreseeable future. Chris Paul’s non-guaranteed contract gives the Warriors a giant expiring for any star that they want to acquire at the deadline or more likely in the offseason.

Paul’s contract, draft picks, and Brandin Podziemski’s shining promise as a rookie give them a great package for a superstar to pair with Curry for the rest of his career. But whatever rumors or trades the Warriors are involved in, it seems like Kerr clearly has already expressed his opinions on the matter.

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