SHOCKING NEWS:”After Securing $86,000,000, Dillon Brooks Faces a Surprise Challenge from Dennis Schroder, Former Teammate of LeBron James”

After signing a massive $86,000,000 deal with the Houston Rockets in the off-season, Dillon Brooks is currently representing Canada in exhibition games ahead of the FIBA World Cup. Weeks after signing the mega-deal, Brooks went up against LeBron James‘ former teammate, Germany’s Dennis Schroder. And, in what many would perceive as an act of revenge, Schroder hit him with a nasty move that left him sprawled on the floor.

Brooks has been receiving a lot of hate recently. His face-off with LeBron which led to an embarrassing exit in the Playoffs has been criticized heavily. But, he is on a mission to shut down all hate. His first action was in Toronto where he silenced chants of “Overrated” with an exceptional performance in a Pro-Am game. Now, he’s looking to shut things down further with some great performances at the upcoming FIBA World Cup.

Dennis Schroder embarrasses Canada’s Dillon Brooks ahead of the FIBA World Cup

The Canada Men’s Basketball team recently took on Germany in a showcase game. A warm-up before the World Cup, superstars like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Franz Wagner balled out. However, one of the highlights of the game involved Dennis Schroder and one of the most hated players in the NBA, Dillon Brooks.

Bringing the ball up the court, Schroder let the ball roll until the halfway line. Seeing what he thought would be a golden opportunity, Brooks decided to go for the ball. But, in what turned out to be a nasty move, Dennis picked the ball up quickly, leaving Brooks embarrassed, lying on the floor.

Schroder went on to post a near triple-double, having 16 points, seven rebounds, and eight assists by the end of the game. One that ended in Germany’s favor, as they narrowly edged out Canada 86-81.

It was an amazing game and one that certainly would have had King James sniggering at the result. After all, his recent beef with Brooks has become an infamous part of NBA lore.

Brooks “poked the bear” when he went after LeBron James during the 2023 Playoffs

Dillon Brooks reached new levels of notoriety during last season’s Playoffs. Playing for the Memphis Grizzlies, Brooks decided to take shots at LeBron James of all people. He went so far as to claim he does not care about old players and isn’t afraid of poking the bear. Of course, this backfired as LeBron and Co knocked the Grizzlies out.

However, this didn’t stop Brooks from securing the bag. Weeks after he was informed that Memphis wouldn’t be bringing him back, he signed his $86,000,000 deal with the Rockets. A contract that got a lot of backlash, especially from Bron’s teammates.

The feud has made things more interesting for next season and the clashes between the Rockets and the Purple and Gold next season are going to be interesting.

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