Patrick Mahomes provides a humorous reaction to a widely circulated Dad Bod image

The Kansas CIty Chiefs toppled the No. 1 seed Baltimore Ravens, 17-10, in last Sunday’s AFC Championship Game. It was a borderline flawless performance from Patrick Mahomes, who completed 30-of-39 passes for 241 yards and one touchdown. He kept his poise on the road, against the best defense left in the playoffs.

Now, Mahomes will seek his second straight Super Bowl victory and his third ring in five years (in his fourth Super Bowl appearance). The two-time MVP is beginning to emanate that Tom Brady-esque sensation of impending doom. He’s the toughtest out in football. In terms of pure talent, he may very well be the best QB we’ve ever seen.

Watching a mortal ascend to god-like status can get a little boring. Let’s be honest — how many non-Chiefs fans were rooting for Baltimore? Roughly 100 percent of them. Nobody outside New England liked watching Brady and Belichick win. Those dudes have the ultimate respect of the football-viewing public, make no mistake. But nobody was happy about it.

Mahomes’ star continues to rise with each passing game. And yet, after Kansas City’s victory on Sunday, we were treated to the QB’s most relatable moment in years. A video of Mahomes’ post-game celebration emerged on social media and a number of fans made sure to note the 28-year-old’s “Dad Bod.”

Mahomes took the comments in stride, taking to Twitter (X) to point out that he is, in fact, a dad.

What a legend. This is probably the best off-script Mahomes moment since… ever? It’s generally unwise to tweet your opinion of a person’s physique, but Mahomes is living proof that even the best athletes don’t need to be carved out of marble.

Mahomes continues to elude pressure, create opportunities with his legs, and out-throw every QB on the planet on a nightly basis. Quarterbacks generally don’t need to maintain the same quick-twitch explosiveness as a running back, for example, but Mahomes appears to be operating at a different gear than his opponents. That only makes the ‘Dad Bod’ more impressive.

Expect Mahomes to continue his recent hot spell in the Super Bowl a couple weekends from now. The San Francisco 49ers’ defense is good — great, even — but Dad Bod over here has toppled even better. Concerns about Kansas City’s receiving corps feel like a distant memory. The Chiefs are operating in crisp, Chiefsian fashion when it matters most. Mahomes is the engine behind it all. That’s why he’s celebrating to begin with.

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