LeBron James Secures the Third Spot in Jersey Sales During the Initial Half of the 2023-24 Season

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is entering the final years of his career, but remarkably, he can still play at a high level 21 years later.

James has had a historic career, last year becoming the league’s all-time leading scorer. Now, the four-time champion is looking to add on a championship or two to solidify his resume. Coming off a Western Conference Finals appearance, L.A. may be able to get their 18th championship sooner rather than later.

Another thing that has not declined is his popularity, as the attention is something James has dealt with throughout his basketball playing career even dating back to his St. Vincent-St. Mary’s days. Being the icon that he is and wearing the purple and gold, the Ohio native still ranks No. 3 among the league’s top-selling jerseys.

It is also worth noting that the Lakers rank No. 1 in the league for top-selling merchandise, which is not surprising due to L.A. being one the most popular franchises in all of sports.

But it is extremely impressive for James to still be near the top of the top-selling jerseys as his years in the league are limited. With all the accolades, there will never be another player like LeBron as his career is far from ordinary.

As the new faces of the league have been identified, like Jayson Tatum, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic and Devin Booker, it’ll be interesting to see if those players will be able to surpass James in sales as he remains in the league. Nonetheless, it is impressive for the Lakers star to sustain this absurd notoriety through 21 seasons and counting.

LeBron James thanks fans for voting him All-Star starter

LeBron James’ popularity was also evident with this year’s All-Star voting as he was once again voted as a starter. He was also named the captain of the Western Conference team after garnering the most votes, second total only behind Antetokounmpo.

James is now the only player in NBA history to be named an All-Star 20 times, and to take it one step further, he has been named a starter for 20 straight years.

After hearing about the honor, James thanked his fans for voting him in once again, although he deserves some credit as well for having another outstanding season for the Lakers.

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