LAKERS NEWS: Top Potential Buyout Players LeBron James Could Recruit to Join the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers (24-25) have lost two of their last three games. They currently sit ninth in the Western Conference, 10.5 games behind the first place Minnesota Timberwolves. Following their recent loss to the Atlanta Hawks, LeBron James told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, “We could on any given night beat any team in the NBA. And then on any given night we could get our ass kicked.”

LeBron James on the 24-25 Lakers: “We could on any given night beat any team in the NBA. And then on any given night we could get our ass kicked”

— Dave McMenamin (@mcten) January 31, 2024

You know what they say — the first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one. They’re looking for help at the trade deadline but it’s not clear they’ll find the right deal and might need to clean up on the buyout market after the deadline. In light of the Lakers’ ‘consistently-inconsistent’ start to the season, here are three buyout candidates LeBron James needs to recruit to LA to try and turn it all around.

The Lakers’ 30.5 3-point attempts per game are the lowest in the NBA. On top of that, their 11.2 3-point makes per game are 28th in the league, surpassing only the Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons. With that being said, the Lakers need to consider any player who can add value as a shooter or defender.

Kyle Lowry can do both of those things. Following the Miami Heat-Charlotte Hornets trade, Kyle Lowry went from championship Miami Heat culture to a bottom-feeding team sponsored by Mr. Beast. Although Charlotte is expected to try and negotiate a deal with Lowry, it seems a buyout is likely on the horizon.

Let’s get real here. Charlotte has no shot at making the playoffs. Therefore, they don’t need Lowry’s help, as he’s a proven champion who has survived the playoff gauntlet. The Lakers, on the other hand, could benefit from Lowry’s services. Since last season, according to, Kyle Lowry has drawn 201 fouls, the third most for the Heat in that time frame. Lowry could also address the Lakers’ needs at back-up point guard, take some play-making responsibility off of LeBron, and hopefully add some perimeter shooting as well. Although the six-time All-Star is 37-years-old, Lowry should flourish in a limited role. The question is simple: Charlotte, North Carolina or Los Angeles, California?

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