JUST IN: Pippen’s Son Engages in Unusual Game, Battling Father’s ‘Spirit

Scottie Pippen Jr. found himself in a tough test against the Chicago Bulls at the United Center but enjoyed the emotions of playing at the same venue where his father became an NBA legend.

But it wasn’t the perfect welcome that he might have hoped for as the Bulls proved to be a very stern test for the Memphis Grizzlies and dealt them a hefty defeat to the score of 125-96.

The visiting side never even won a quarter as the Bulls scored 29 points or more in three of them and scored over 20 points in all of the quarters whilst the Grizzlies only hit the 29-point mark once.

Pippen Jr. only played five minutes, coming off the bench as a relief player for Vince Williams Jr. and he struggled a bit, scoring just three points, one assist and one rebound whilst going 33% from field goal attempts.

Although, in fairness, this was just his seventh NBA game, and he has averaged only 5.3 minutes in those appearances so he’s clearly still in the development cycle.

Pippen Jr. returns to the United Center

After growing up watching Pippen in the twilight stages of his career during a second stint with the Bulls, Pippen Jr. finally got to shoot some baskets for the Grizzlies, and it left him feeling “surreal”.

“Still a surreal feeling to me to be here, see my dad’s name in the rafters,” Pippen Jr. said to media. “So, you know I grew up in Chicago, so this is my first time playing here since I have been a little kid…

“Definitely surreal feeling, just to be in this building because I remember being a little kid running around here.”

His father is an NBA legend and a legend with the Bulls as he won six championships, in the famous team that included Michael Jordan, between 1991-1998.

His legacy was so great that the team even retired his 33 jersey in 2006, leaving big boots for the 23-year-old to fill. Although even if he never becomes an NBA great himself, Pippen Jr. making the league cut is an excellent accomplishment.

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