How the Bulls’ Recent Performance Highlights a Historic Low in NBA Three-Point Shooting

As if losing to the (now) 9-win Detroit Pistons wasn’t bad enough, the Chicago Bulls also found themselves on the wrong side of history on Tuesday night. Arguably the greatest contributing factor to the Bulls’ 105-95 loss was their horrific 2-29 shooting effort from downtown. Detroit would go on to outscore Chicago by 40 points behind the arc despite entering the evening second-to-last in 3-pointers made per game (11.3).

While the Bulls are no stranger to some ugly margins in the 3-point shoot department, there is no denying this is a new low. The team’s 6.9 percent performance officially marks the second-worst shooting display with at least 25 long-range attempts in NBA history. The first came in 2014 when the Boston Celtics shot just 1-25 (4.0 percent) in a loss to the Houston Rockets, per Stat head.

If we filter specifically for games where opponents took at least 29 shots from 3, this appears to be the single-worst shooting performance the NBA has ever seen.

To sink just two shots from distance is nearly impossible in today’s NBA. Overall, we’ve seen it happen only six times since 2020, according to Stat head, but we saw each one of those instances come tied to 26 or fewer shot attempts. For instance, the Orlando Magic also finished a game with just two made 3s this season, but they went 2-23 for an 8.7 percent finish. And that’s technically better than what we saw from Chicago on Tuesday night!

Head coach Billy Donovan called the performance a “total outlier” immediately after the game. The guy might be right, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t about to go into the history books. Not to mention, when you add in the context surrounding this season AND the opponent, this performance just feels like another major low point for the Chicago Bulls organization.

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